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Chiropractic Techniques

What treatment modalities does Dr Andrew McKinnon offer the Ascot Vale community?

  • Manual adjustments: At Unleashed Health Ascot Vale we perform manual adjustments. Chiropractic adjustments performed by ​hand. However, some people are not suited to this form of treatment, if that is the case then your chiropractor will use other treatment protocols for you.

  • Drop Table Adjustments: Unleashed Health Chiropractic Ascot Vale has drop tables (tables that move to help the chiropractor mobilize joints). If appropriate you may use this service.

  • Soft tissue techniques: Your chiropractor may perform trigger point therapy and other soft tissue techniques if there is a muscular component to your condition.

  • Dry needling: Your chiropractor may put some dry needles (which look very similar to acupuncture needles) to help your body heal. Feel free to ask your chiropractor if this treatment protocol is appropriate for you. 

  • Rehabilitative exercise: In order to improve your health level, your chiropractor may ask you to complete some home stretches and rehabilitative exercises. 

  • Nutritional advice or supplementation: You may be advised to take some supplements, or to change some of your dietary habits as part of your treatment regime.

Some of the specific chiropractic techniques used at unleashed health are:

  • Applied Kinesiology: Applied kinesiology is a chiropractic analysis and treatment system that assess clients from a structural, chemical and mental perspective. It uses case history, physical examinations, manual muscle testing, as well as latest scientific methods (diagnostic imaging, blood tests etc) to optimize our client’s health.

  • Thompson technique: Thompson is a specialised chiropractic technique which uses a specific table that has several segments (called drop pieces) which move, assisting the chiropractor to realign your spine.

  • Diversified technique: Diversified is a manual (done by hand) technique that is comprised of a wide and diverse range of chiropractic adjustments (manipulations). All the different procedures in this technique are designed for specific regions of the spine.

  • Activator technique: The activator is an adjusting tool that is used by chiropractors. It is a low force specific tool which is used to “adjust” the spine.

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