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Shoulder pain in Ascot Vale and Moonee Ponds

The facts


Do chiropractors treat shoulders? Absolutely.

The shoulder has a huge range of motion, which it does at the expense of bone stability. This puts more demand on ligaments, muscles and tendons which is why it is commonly injured.

For a shoulder to move without injury, all the muscles and joints need to work in harmony.

The shoulder is actually made up of multiple muscles and four joints:


  • Acromioclavicular

  • Sternoclavicular

  • Glenohumeral

  • Scapulothoracic.

You don't need to worry about which joint is which - that's our job!

Symptoms of shoulder pain

Shoulder conditions give pain and/or weakness in the shoulder, though symptoms can vary from person to person.


It can refer into the arm.

Types of shoulder pain

As the shoulder is a complex joint, there are many different ways it can be damaged. Therefore, there are multiple different causes of shoulder pain.


Some common shoulder complaints may include:

  • Frozen shoulder

  • Bursitis (inflamed bursa[s] in the shoulder)

  • Tendinitis (inflamed shoulder tendons)

  • Impingement syndromes (inflammation in the shoulder joint due to damage of tendons or the joints causing pain)

  • Labrum tears (tears in part of the cartilage of the shoulder)

  • Dislocated shoulders (usually out of place due to injury, will require medical visits for imaging and relocating) 

  • Fractures/broken bones (will require imaging and may require surgery depending the degree of the fracture/ break).

Correct treatment must be centered around diagnosing and treatment.


Treatment of shoulder pain

Chiropractic care can help with shoulder conditions. It may include:


  • Joint mobilisation

  • Soft tissue techniques

  • Dry needling

  • Postural retraining

  • Ergonomic modification

  • Rehabilitative exercises.


Before treatment can commence, a chiropractor or other health practitioner will need to confirm the diagnosis and confirm that chiropractic care is appropriate for your condition.

Please note that some serious conditions like heart conditions can refer to the shoulder. If you're suffering from these, you should see a doctor.

Do you have shoulder pain and live in Ascot Vale, Moonee Ponds or surrounding area? If so, have a chat with us today!









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Photos References:

By Jmarchn - Own work, CC BY-SA 3.0,

Shoulder pain Ascot Vale
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Shoulder joints Ascot Vale
Shoulder pain Moonee Ponds
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